Survey Solution Series:

Create a Setting for Success

Courses and Training to Support Administrators, Supervisors, Managers, Independent Contractors, and Employees

Are you ready for survey? Let LifeLearnU support you as you tackle the challenges of ongoing education and Quality Assurances in your company! LifeLearnU utilizes our "Highest Standard Approach" with each course to promote best Professional & Caregiving Practices. This approach supports safe and effective care practices that meet or surpass current rule and regulation standards.


QMAP Refresher Course - For Existing QMAPs and Supervisors who need to brush up on the Key Concepts of Safe Medication Administration, Infection Control, MANE, and on-the-job challenges.

Policy, Procedure, and Protocol assistance - review and customized form development.

Administrator training - learn the ins and outs of your care area's rules and regulations from a Legal Nurse Consultant Specialist. Specializing in IDD, Assisting Living, and Home Health.

*Training Courses & Consultation services do not constitute and are not intended as legal or accounting advice. Information & suggestions presented are based on current, published rules, regulations, laws, scope of practices, and established best practices.