LifeLearnU offers quality classes & training to support health systems that provide personal care to our most vulnerable populations.
  • Class sizes are appropriate for room size and seating in the interest of proper social spacing.
  • QMAP Classes & Testing sessions provide individual equipment, frequent hand hygiene, and no activities that require direct personal contact among students.
  • CPR/First Aid Equipment is cleaned between individual student use for any shared/common support equipment. Per Updated ILCOR Standards, no rescue breaths are practiced in class.
  • If you have had known exposure to an individual with any Flu-Like Illness or have experienced signs of any illness, do not register for any event sooner than 2 weeks from today.
  • If you are considered a high-risk individual - older than 70 years of age or someone with underlying health conditions, please consult your medical provider to determine if attending a public class is appropriate for you at this time. Review our cancellation policy BEFORE registering for an event.