So Many Options!

CDPHE-Approved QMAP Course with the flexibility on online learning and the optimal experience and convenience of One-and-Done in person testing

CDPHE-Approved QMAP Course  - Our signature full, one-day class including all instruction and testing in one day!

Certification through Nationally Recognized training programs for community rescuers, mandated rescuers, and OSHA requirements. Any combination of CPR, AED, First Aid, Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogens, Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training available for group booking

We offer a wide variety of training topics for direct caregivers, administrators, managers, and independent providers. Our curriculum staff includes qualifications in Legal Nurse Consulting, ALR Administrator, Certified Developmental Disability Nursing, and expertise in rules/regulations and best practices. Providing support in continuing education, mandated trainings, Quality Assurance Program & Policy Development. Let us help you map out your path to success!

Refresher training for existing Colorado QMAPs. Supports ongoing education goals, plans of correction, and proactive caregiver team development. Choose from a menu of relevant caregiver & medication topics to customize your 2-hour online or in-person training!