Learn the basics of life-saving CPR and Early AED use from our qualified, experienced instructors. Whether for work or your community, our courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to help in an emergency. Classes for Caregivers, Childcare Providers, Community Rescuers, Educators, Construction Crews, Food Service, Health Care Professionals, and more.  All Classes In-Person and Hands-On.          (North & Central Florida - call for location-specific availability)

All courses are taught by Certified Instructors with a Nationally Recognized organization accepted by all states. Accepted by OSHA, DHS, and CDPHE. All courses meet ILCOR International Standards.

Certification classes require students to perform effective compressions on mannequins and be able to get up and down from the floor. If you have a disability or physical limitation, please call before registration so we can determine how best to meet your needs.

CPR/AED/First Aid Combination Class (most popular) $120.00 Approximately 7 hour Duration for all topics including two short and one extended break. Contact for group and non-profit organization discounts.

CPR/AED Certification ($80): Community Rescuers and Work-Required Training and Certification for Non-Health Care Professionals (BLS available for Health Care Professionals). Single Rescuer CPR/AED & Choking Rescue for Adult, Child, and Infant. Hands on teaching and practice. Certification cards issued on-site or digitally (class dependent), two-year expiration. No minimum age requirement for certification, however this course is designed for participants 12 years and older. (Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) available by request). Combination CPR/AED/First Aid $110.00

BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification for Health Care Professionals ($80): For Health Care Professionals. Single and Two-Rescuer CPR/AED & Choking Rescue for Adult, Child Infant. Certification cards issued on-site or digitally (class dependent), two-year expiration. (CEUs available by request)

Community Rescuer (Non-Certification) CPR/AED ($39.00): A course for all ages and abilities. Learn the basics of CPR/AED and Choking intervention for home and community (does not meet requirements for work or professionals). The most likely person you'll ever help will be a friend or family member. Learn the skills to provide life-saving supports until help arrives. No Certification or CEU credits offered, instruction and practical experience only.

First Aid Certification ($55.00): Stand alone course or offered in combination with CPR/AED Training. Appropriate for community rescuer and work-required training. First Aid training covers basic intervention for almost any type of injury with a goal of saving life and limb until advanced medical treatment can be reached. Certification cards issued on-site or digitally (class dependent), two-year expiration. CEUs available by request. First Aid courses may contain some mildly graphic images and descriptive content for the purposes of teaching. Age recommendation 15+ years; 12-14 years old with parent.

Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control Training ($39.00 or group rates available): Offered by request as a stand-alone course or in combination with other course offerings. Learn the basics of limiting the spread of infection, proper hand hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment use (PPE - like gloves, masks, goggles, gowns, etc.), handling biohazardous materials. Appropriate for all work settings - medical, restaurant, personal care, school/daycare settings, and more.