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1. Online Course:

-Register and pay online for your In-Person Testing date/time/location and your specific Online Course dates.

-You'll have at least 1 week to complete the Online Course; check the specific dates listed on registration page to make sure the timing works well for you. You'll need to complete all online modules and quizzes no later the posted due date clearly posted upon registration. Please see cancellation/incompletion policy.

-You will enjoy 24/7 On-Demand Online Course access so you can move at your own pace! We'll send you a courtesy email reminders before online course closure in case you need a little nudge to finish up. We'll track your progress from our end to ensure completion.

-Plan for a little bit of self study using our Focus Guide and some worksheet assignments. You'll want to print those little guys out, work on 'em, and bring them to your testing date to turn in.


2. In-Person Testing: One-and-Done

-Attend the date/time/location you've registered for. You won't need a secret handshake to get in, but you WILL need to bring all completed worksheets, your signed disclosure form, and a form of positive government-issued photo ID.

-Are you the planning type? No problem! Plan for about 3 hours and 30 minutes for your testing session. This time will include a review, hands on practicum, written exam, and on-site grading.

-You'll get a brief intermission between hands on practicum and written exam, so plan ahead with some drinks and snacks to tide you over. Light layers are always a good idea to stay comfortable.


3. Easy-Button Wrap Up:

-For students who pass, we'll send your results to the Colorado CDPHE QMAP Database within 2 business days of your test - we'll take care of all filing and fees! How easy is that?

-Once your name appears on the QMAP Database, you're Official (typically 3-5 business days following your testing date)! We'll send an email with your Certificate of Completion and a link to find your name on the QMAP Database.

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