All courses are taught by qualified instructors as required by rule or program parameters. A qualified, certified, or licensed instructor provides all course content and instruction. LifeLearnU may utilize technical assistants to assist with delivery of physical practicum supplies or audio/visual support for on-site classes or test sessions.

Terms of Use & Refund Policy:

No refunds offered. Cancellations or withdrawals are not accepted once registration is complete. Registrations are not transferable. Failure to attend events/courses as scheduled, including "no-shows" or late arrival, will result in a forfeit of all fees paid.  Registrants must accept specific course terms and conditions during the registration process.
In the interest of community health, our instructors reserve the right to send students in attendance home for suspected illness as evidenced by the presence of symptoms. In the event of a testing day cancellation initiated by LifeLearnU for unforeseen circumstances, community health concerns, weather, civil unrest that physically endangers students or instructors, or Act of God, LifeLearnU will offer an opportunity to reschedule the testing date/location free of charge.
Materials produced and presented by LifeLearnU are the intellectual property of LifeLearnU and may be subject to Copyright Law.  Courses and related propritary documents (including study guides, worksheets, et al.) will not be duplicated, copied, distributed, or recorded in any medium except by express written content of Enlightened Review, LLC. Standard cancellation, non-completion, or rescheduling policies apply to all registrations, including those enrolled by an employer or agency representative. Enlightened Review, LLC assumes no responsibility for employer/employee or agency/contractor arrangements with regard to funds related to student tuition. Exceptions to policy are at the sole discretion of Enlightened Review, LLC administrators.


Colorado QMAP:

Standard terms and conditions apply. All Colorado QMAP courses are conducted under an active ATE status conferred by the Colorado Department of  Public Health and Environment. All pre-recorded and live instruction is provided by a qualified instructor. Passing grades are not guaranteed. By CDPHE Chapter 24 Rules, participation in an online course/in-person testing requires a student is at least 18 years of age, has not had a medical licensed revoked for reasons of drug/medication complaints, and possesses basic reading, writing, and math skills. This course is taught in English and requires a functional grasp of the English language. Selected classes may offer ESL (English as a second language) supports, but will not eliminate the need for basic English. The use of translation devices or live translators is not permitted for the course, live events, or testing. Students are responsible for the completion of all assigned course components in a timely manner and will meet posted due dates in order to gain their status as "Eligible for Testing". Failure to complete the online course components will result in a forfeit of all fees paid. By registering for an event, students accept the date, time, and location of their testing session. Rescheduling is not available for these courses. For day of testing no-show, students forfeit all fees paid. Late arrivals (more than 10 minutes past posted start time) may forfeit their right to test on the originally scheduled date; the on-site instructor is authorized to make such a determination. If a late arrival results in a need to reschedule, the student will be responsible for a $50 rescheduling fee. Students are responsible for the pre-printing and completion of any assigned study materials and worksheets. A signed Disclosure Document provided in the study packet is required day of testing. US Citizenship is not a requirement for this course, however students must present a positive government-issued photo identification on the day of testing. Registration fees include mandatory CDPHE filing fees and service. Formal posting to the official CDPHE QMAP database may take up to 10 business days to complete. Students will receive notice in the event of any unforeseen delays. QMAP program candidates are not considered QMAP Qualified until their name appears on the official database and, by law, must not perform QMAP duties as a paid caregiver unless/until their name is posted and verified. This training does not constitute, or replace, an agency or employer's legally-required on-the-job training. QMAP program graduates are responsible for gaining proper training at their workplace, including familiarity with agency-specific policies and procedures related to paid medication supports. The training provides Qualification only and does not confer any license or certification in the State of Colorado. QMAP status as a result of this, or any other CDPHE-approved program, does not imply or guarantee job placement, retention, or pay.

Privacy Policy:

Full Website Privacy Policy Here

Enlightened Review, LLC (DBA LifeLearnU) only collects information necessary to complete registration and details relevant to helping a student obtain a desired qualification or certification (course-dependent). LifeLearnU utilizes third party vendors for the purposes of registration processing, maintaining accurate records, and payment processing. At no time will LifeLearnU sell student data to third parties nor utilize student contact information for sales or promotions. If email subscriptions are available, a student may accept or decline an enrollment. As a policy, LifeLearnU does not contact students except to convey necessary and critical information for their designated courses/classes. LifeLearnU does not require or collect information regarding any student's race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or any other personal characteristic. LifeLearnU respects medical privacy for all. We will never require a student's medical history or details as a condition of class participation. A student may, at their sole discretion, offer medical information to our instructor staff if they deem it necessary to obtain appropriate and reasonable accommodation in class.

For Colorado QMAP: A student's first and last name are utilized by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Enrivonment (CDPHE). LifeLearnU collects this information on behalf of the CDPHE as an approved training entity for the purpose of posting a student's name to Colorado's formal QMAP database. A student's first name, last name, and testing date/ATE entity are visible on CDPHE's QMAP Database and will become available to the public. Students acknowledge and accept this personal information disclosure as part of their registration to a Colorado QMAP course.